American Male Voice Over Artist

Hi, I’m Doyle Sanders, a professionally trained Voice Over Artist and Voice Actor.

Do you have an upcoming need or project where a unique and memorable professional voice could make a difference in the success of your message?  Reach out and let’s discuss.  Together, we can ensure your brand is reaching your target audience and resonating with them for your next voiceover project!

DEMO Reels

Video Voice Over Samples

Automotive Commercial Video Sport – GMC

“Think Different” (Apple & Steve Jobs)

“The Hard Way” (Red Lobster)

“The Cumberland Golf Club”

“Gain Flings” (Commercial Spot)



**FAB-U-LOUS!** || Everyone is happy with the job this seller did. Very “highly” recommend because the seller sent a demo to show exactly what he could do & for us … that SEALED THE DEAL over the others. || Highly recommend because he understood exactly what was needed … while others had numerous questions. **Absolutely 5-STARS!**

Temperance Council

Singer / Composer

Awesome seller…

Awesome seller : 1. Fast delivery (he answered to me two hours after I placed the order) 2. Very good microphone quality 3. Really good voice, matching what I was looking for.  All things considered, you really cannot go wrong with Doyle!

Felix Meyer

Contemporary Musician / Composer

Can’t recommend Mr. Doyle Sanders’ voice over services enough!

Can’t recommend Mr. Doyle Sanders’ voice over services enough! He was as professional as he was kind and personable; he made it his priority that the final product was ideal and certainly delivered. Would be eager to pay for his services again!


Student Filmmaker

Hands down best voice artist…

Hands down best voice artist I’ve used / using. Pleasure to work with and constantly improving!


Content Creator

This was fantastic!

This was fantastic!  Thank you!


Podcast Host / Producer

This man is truly a pleasure…

This man is truly a pleasure to work with in every way.  I feel lucky to have found him.  I highly suggest you consider him for your new project, but I’m almost hesitant to say so, because I want him all to myself.  Thanks again for your amazing work.  Next order coming soon!


Meditation Advisor / Consultant

It was really nice working with Doyle…

It was really nice working with Doyle, his communication was fast, easy and reliable.

Jeroen Vloon

eLearning Video Producer